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BB Near U

  Do you have any idea how many BlackBerry users around you? You will be surprise. Can you imagine the possibili...
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  PT Juara Persada Nusantara has launch a Nova Blackberry Application. Nova Blackberry Application is a application in bla...
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Moslem Guide

  Moslem Guide is a useful application as a means of guiding Muslims who want to practice. Here are the features that...
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BlackBerry Enterprise Server

 BlackBerry® Enterprise Server is for organizations that have an on-premise email server and require a high level of IT control.
BlackBerry Enterprise Server can be run in environments alongside BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express for organizations that only have a sub-set of users that require advanced IT management.


RokZoomLinux Mail Server can be a part with Blackberry Enterprise Server. You can use Mail Server for you Blackberry Enterprise Server. 


 BES consists of a set of Windows services that carry out the basic operations of the system. These Windows Services can include (additional services may be installed depending on configuration)